After installation, you will need to create a new custom channel field and assign that field to 1 or more of your channels in which you would like to use Reading Time Pro. When creating a new custom field you will see Reading Time Pro as an available fieldtype option. You can name the field anything you want. Reading Time Pro will know what the field name is and parse it in the template correctly.

There are no settings for this field type. After assigning the field to a channel you will be able to see the field in the Publish page when viewing an entry in that channel. The field display in the control panel has no inputs. It will simply display This entry can be read [insert time here] or Reading time has not been calculated..

Config override

Reading Time Pro has an config override value, that when added to your config.php file, and combined with the calculate_reading_time="yes" parameter, will always re-calculate the reading time of an entry and save the value to the custom field. Part of the advantage of using Reading Time Pro is that the calculated reading time is saved to the database for optimal performance, and subsequent views of the entry will not require a re-calculation. Using this option means that a database query will be executed every time the entry is displayed in the {exp:channel:entries} tag. Generally you would wait for an entry to be saved, which will clear the reading time, or remove the reading time in the module settings page, however, you can use this hidden setting to bypass those two methods of resetting the reading time values.

$config['rtp_always_calculate'] = 'y';