The following is a list of items that will ideally be addressed in the coming weeks or months since BoldMinded acquired DataGrab in March of 2022. This list is in no particular order, and the these are not promises of what will be completed, when they will be completed.
  • Fluid field support
    • Basic Fluid support shipped with DataGrab 4. Complex fieldtypes, such as Grid or Relationship fields inside of Fluid are not yet supported.
  • Bloqs field support
    • 2/26/2023 Update: Not planning to implmement. I have not recieved a single request to support Bloqs, and after owning DataGrab for 1 year the overwhelming majority of users use it to import strutured data, e.g. basic custom fields with occasional Grid data. Bloqs' freeform data model doesn't really jive with what DataGrab is best at.
  • Support EE 6's new CLI
  • Remove the Beta status on the WordPress and JSON import types
    • These both work, however, they have not experienced the same real world usage as the XML and CSV imports.