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Publisher does not support the trailing slash in site pages which was dropped in EE around version 2.5, however, Structure has a backwards compatibility setting to keep the trailing slashes, but this is not supported by Publisher. You must disable the use of trailing slashes in Structure to maintain Publisher compatibility.

Structure Tags

The following parameters will need to be added to Structure tags to work with Publisher. The value of "publisher" for the channel:title parameter instructs Publisher to fetch the proper translations for the links in each tag. It is highly recommended to also use the entry_id parameter. When used, the entry_id parameter will instruct Publisher to be much more performant than without using entry_id.

{exp:structure:titletrail channel:title="publisher" entry_id="123"}
{exp:structure:breadcrumb channel:title="publisher" entry_id="123"}

You may need to add the rename_home parameter to the {exp:structure:breadcrumb} tag in order for it to work properly due to a bug in Structure.


In most cases the start_from parameter will work just as you expect it to when using translated URLs. For example start_from=”{segment_1}”. However, for the cases in which you need to start the navigation from a page other than the page the user is currently on you will need to use {page_uri:XX}, where XX is the entry ID of the page you want the navigation to start from. Normal segment variables or string values will not work in this case because Publisher does not know the translated value or depth of the URL of page you are requesting the navigation to start from. The parameter will end up as start_from=”{page_uri:123}”.

All Structure global variables will be updated with the translated values as well.


Low Seg 2 Cat

If you are currently using Low Seg 2 Cat and are using translated URLs in Publisher, then you might want to try URL Helper instead. It works specifically with Publisher and provides nearly identical functionality as Low Seg 2 Cat (plus more) and will return the category segment values even with translated URLs.

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