Deprecated Bloqs

Starting in Bloqs 4.4.0 you can assign the "Deprecated" status to a bloq. As your site evolves you may need to update certain bloqs, and in some cases retire them all together. Simply deleting the bloq may cause data loss and existing pages to break. To avoid that you can gracefully deprecate your bloqs. When you assign a deprecated status the bloq all existing instances of the bloq will continue to function as expected on the front-end, and in the control panel, but content editors will no longer see the bloq in the Add Bloq menu, thus they can't create new instances of a deprecated bloq. To make a bloq deprecated, just toggle the Deprecated? setting on the bloq. You can also add a short note that will appear in all existing instances of the bloq to inform content editors of its new status. If you do not add a deprecated note, Bloqs will simply display "This block is deprecated".

Setting a bloq to deprecated does not prevent saving an entry that contains deprecated bloqs. Deprecation is just a visual warning meant to nudge content editors to update or remove the bloqs with whatever direction you provide them, and prevent them from adding additional deprecated bloqs to an entry.

When a bloq is deprecated, it will have a warning icon next to its name in the bloq definition list. This way you can easily tell which bloqs are deprecated.

When a Bloqs field has 1 or more deprecated bloqs, a warning appears above the field informing the content editor of the issue. Deprecated bloqs are again noted with a warning icon and a note.

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