Issues & Tips

Known Issues

  • Publisher does not work with the eAccelorator. It causes issues with setting cookies and session data.
  • Disable GZIP compression on your server for best results. GZIP can cause issues with some PHP scripts.
  • Publisher does not support the Playa or Matrix field types from EE Harbor. If you are upgrading from an EE 2 site you can use the PlayaMatrixImporter from EllisLab to migrate Playa fields to Relationships, and Matrix fields to Grid prior to upgrading to EE 3+.


  • If using URL Prefix or Translated URLs, and you’re using the Channel URL, Comment Page URL, and Search Results URL settings then do not use a hard-coded domain name as part of the URL. For example, don’t use Instead, use /blog/ or /blog.
    Use a full domain name as the Site URL setting in your config.php file or in Admin > General Configuration. Do not use / as the site_url value
  • Publisher does not support translation of entry comments.
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