Issues & Tips

Known Issues

  • Publisher does not work with the eAccelorator. It causes issues with setting cookies and session data.

  • Disable GZIP compression on your server for best results. GZIP can cause issues with some PHP scripts.

  • Publisher does not support the Playa or Matrix field types from EE Harbor. If you are upgrading from an EE 2 site you can use the PlayaMatrixImporter from EllisLab to migrate Playa fields to Relationships, and Matrix fields to Grid prior to upgrading to EE 3+.

  • Publisher does not support the native Fluid field. It's data model is very complex when nesting a Grid field inside of Fluid, and especially if that Grid field has a Relationship column. We hope to suppot Fluid some day, but it is not an easy task.

  • EE 7 introduced a new File Picker, which tracks the usage of files in your entries. Unfortunately this particular feature does not work with Publisher as it does not have a way to accurately track which translations and/or draft states a file is used in.

  • EE 7 introduced a native entry cloning option. Unfortunately due to how it was implemented in ExpressionEngine Publisher can't fully support it. You can clone an entry, but the associated translations will not be cloned with it.

  • Once installed, Publisher can not be disabled through ExpressionEngine's Tools > Manage Extensions form. If you use this form to disable Publisher's extensions, you will likely see PHP errors. Once translations are created, if Publisher is disabled, ExpressionEngine will not know what is the original/default content, and what is translated content. For this reason several extension hooks still need to be called and Publisher needs to be able to perform some basic operations, otherwise you will see data inconsistency and other presentational issues. If you need to disable Publisher, it is probably best to make a database backup and uninstall it, or disable all but the default language.


  • If using URL Prefix or Translated URLs, and you’re using the Channel URL, Comment Page URL, and Search Results URL settings then do not use a hard-coded domain name as part of the URL. For example, don’t use Instead, use /blog/ or /blog.

    Use a full domain name as the Site URL setting in your config.php file or in Admin > General Configuration. Do not use / as the site_url value

  • Publisher does not support translation of entry comments.

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