Add Bloq Menu

When managing a bloq definition, you can optionally assign the bloq to a group that you define. If a bloq is not assigned to a group, it is considered "Ungrouped", which is the default.

By default, the Add Bloq menu will display as a vertical list. If no additional Bloq Groups are defined, then bloqs will not be organized by group in the Add Bloq menu.

Add Menu Grid

When editing the Bloqs field from the Channel > Fields menu there is an option to display the Add Bloq menu as a grid. This will organized bloqs by groups (if defined) to a 3 column layout, and also display a choosen image or icon with the bloq. The image or icon can be used to help visually identify what type of bloq it is.

Preview Image or Icon

When displaying the Add Bloq menu as a grid, you can assign an image or icon to the bloq. The Image field uses ExpressionEngine's native File Manager, so you can add any image you want. It is recommended to keep your image in the 50x50 pixel dimension. You can also use one of the existing Icons from the Font Awesome library that is available through ExpressionEngine. The Preview Icon field is only available in ExpressionEngine 6 or greater.

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