Bloq Usage

Starting in Bloqs 4.4.0 you can get more insight into how your bloqs are being used. The bloq definition list now includes a new column that displays the number of entries the bloq is used in. The number displayed in this list is the total usages of the bloq across all Bloqs fields it is assigned to. Clicking the link will display a list of entries and links to edit each entry.

Also starting in version 4.4.0 is that once a bloq exists in any entry, the checkbox on the Bloqs edit field where you assign which bloqs are available to the field, are disabled. Prior to 4.4.0, if you uncheck a bloq on this page and save the custom field, any entries that contained that bloq had it's bloqs removed, thus causing a potentially unintended data loss. If you need to remove a bloq assignment from a field, it is best to use the usage links on the right to find the entries the bloq is used in, edit the entries, then remove the bloq assignment. The usage links on this page show the total entries the bloqs are used in this field only, not a cumulative count like on the bloq definition list above.

If you want to disable this feature and return to pre-4.4.0 behavior, you can use the bloqs_disable_strict_assignment hidden config variable.

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