Template Tags

Anywhere in your template you can reference an early parsed global variable for each feature flag to determine if content shouldbe shown. In this example if the new_product feature flag is enabled and active, then the text will be rendered.

{if feature:new_product}
    <p>Show me the money!</p>

If a Feature Flag field is added to a channel you do not need to modify your template to show or hide the entry content. For example, the following custom field is added to a channel, and when editing an entry you will see in plain text what it wants to do. If the last dropdown option is set to "Hide" this entry, then the channel:entries tag will automatically remove the entry from the result loop if the new_product feature flag is enabled and active. If it is set to show, then it will only display the entry in the channel:entries tag when the new_product feature flag is enabled. If it is not enabled, it will skip the entry when looping over the channel:entries tag results.

A Feature Flags field when used as a channel field is the only time you won't be required to add a template conditional tag to show or hide your content.

{exp:channel:entries channel="pages"}

If you add a Feature Flags field to Bloqs or Grid you will need to add a conditional to your template tag for this to work. For example we have 2 Conditional Display bloqs below. The first will display itself and it's child bloqs if the new_product feature flag is enabled and active. The second will not display itself or it's children if the feature flag is enabled and active.

{exp:channel:entries channel="pages"}
            {if display_content}
                <!-- Since all the other bloqs are children of the 
                Conditional Display bloq will display based on the condition
                of the Display Content field. -->

        {if grid:display_content}
            <!-- This text will display if the 
            new_product flag is enabled and active. -->

Using Feature Flags in JavaScript code

You can reference a feature flag in JavaScript if you add the {feature_flags:all} tag to your document, which will output JSON encoded string of the flags available, and their current status. For example:

    new_product: true,
    ab_test_carousel: false

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