The Omni field, when added to a channel, will add a menu next to every Text, Textarea, and Rich Text field (this includes CKEditor and Redactor fields, and fields within Fluid, Grid, and Bloqs).

Each option is meant to improve, change, or just find the right words for your content on the fly.

The Omni field only displays help text (seen in the screenshot above), it's functionality comes from JavaScript added to the publish page. If you do not wish to see the help text, we recommend editing the Publish Layout for the channel and moving the field to another tab.

Hiding the field entirely will prevent it from working. With this in mind, if you want to restrict which roles are able to use the Omni field you can create multiple Publish Layouts and hide the field for user roles that should not be able to use the Omni functionality.

You can even create descriptions of images through the image edit modal.

The Omni field will only attach itself to the description field in ExpressionEngine 7.4 or greater (when the file meta data slide out panel was added), and if the file is actually an image. Lastly, it will only be able to create descriptions from files that are publicly accessible. If you are working with locally uploaded files on your personal computer, or a remote development environment that is not publicly accessible, then it will not be able to read the image to generate a description.

You can see the image description feature in action on Vimeo:

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