Requirements & Compatibility


    ExpressionEngine 5.3 or greater
    PHP 7.2 or greater
    PHP max_post_vars set to a minimum of 2000.
Sites using a lot of bloqs and custom fields within an entry may want to consider increasing PHP's max_post_vars setting. Usually the default is 1000. Increasing it to 2000 or more may be required.


Native ExpressionEngine Fieldtypes
    Email Address
    Multi Select
    Radio Buttons
    Rich Text Editor
    Select Dropdown
    Text Input
Native ExpressionEngine Features
    Entry Manager custom column (Bloqs must be set to searchable)
Bloqs is built using the same concepts as the Grid field, and because Grids within Grids are not allowed, a Grid may not be placed within a bloq, however, you can use our Simple Grids & Tables add-on for basic Grid functionality within Bloqs.

Third-party fieldtypes & add-ons opted in to Bloqs

If you are unsure if an add-on works in Bloqs, but it works in Grid, then chances are it already works in Bloqs. There are a vast number of 3rd party fieldtypes not listed above that already work in Bloqs.
If your add-on/fieldtype is compatible with Bloqs and you don't see it in the list above, send us a message and let us know!


Bloqs is a robust and powerful add-on that adds a lot of flexibilty when building out your site content. Since you can add any number of bloqs to a single entry, keep in mind that the more bloqs you add, the more template parsing is required. For example, if you add 10 bloqs to an entry, and if each bloq has 5 atoms in it it, you're effectivley adding 50 custom fields to the entry. For this reason you can use Bloqs' built in caching option, or add full featured caching with Speedy. In most cases caching won't be required, just keep performance in mind when planning and building your site with Bloqs.
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