Hidden Config Options

Collapse bloqs when dragging

By default, when you are dragging and reordering bloqs on an entry page, if the bloq is expanded, then it will remain expanded when dragging it. To collapse all bloqs when dragging, add the following value to your config.php file. Note that this can cause a slight jump in the page scrolling, which is why this is disabled by default.

$config['bloqs_collapse_on_drag'] = true;

Disable Logging

If you want to reduce the noise in your log you can turn it off. This is not recommended by default or while your site is in development because it can reveal some important information.

$config['bloqs_disable_logging'] = true;

Field Caching

You can optionally cache the output of a Bloqs field. Read more about it.

$config['bloqs_cache_enabled'] = true;

Confirm removal

By default Bloqs will immediately remove a bloq from an entry when the trash/delete icon is clicked. Enabling this option will present a confirmation modal to confirm the deletion.

$config['bloqs_confirm_bloq_removal'] = true;

Strict tree structure

By default Bloqs will only warn you when the nesting structure of a bloqs field is incorrect and will still let you save the entry. When this is enabled the warning turns into an issue with more visual indicators that the user needs to correct something, and also will not let you save the entry the entry until the nesting structure is correct. This option is really only necessary if you have nesting enabled on a field, and you have nesting rules defined for your bloqs.

$config['bloqs_enable_strict_tree_structure'] = true;

Usage Reports

In the control panel where you manage the bloq definitions there is a Usage column, which indicates in which entries the bloq is used in. On a large site this may add a little bit of load time to this page due to the query that is executed to find the usages across all fields and entries. Displaying the Usage column is default behavior. You can disable this column and the queries by using the config option.

$config['bloqs_disable_usage_reports'] = true;

Bloq Field Assignments

Beginning in Bloqs 4.4.0, when a bloq is assigned to a field, and is used in a saved entry, you can not remove the bloq's assignment from that field. Removing the assignment will cause the bloq to disappear from existing entries (this has always been the behavior). To prevent data loss, and to make it more clear how bloqs are being used, the checkboxes are now disabled by default if the bloq is used in an existing entry. Below is a screenshot of what it may look like. The "Used in X entries" informs you how many entries the bloq is being used in for the current field. You can click the link to view the entries the bloq is assigned to. If the bloq is assigned to multiple fields, then the usage report when you click the link may report a different value than what you see on this screen. That is because the usage report is cumulative across all fields.

Note that this config option is not officially supported because it alters the intended default behavior of Bloqs and can cause data loss. If you experience visual or functional issues with this option disabled you can submit a support ticket, but there are no guarantees it will be addressed.

To prevent disabling of these checkboxes and return to the pre-4.4.0 behavior, add the following value to your config.php file.

$config['bloqs_disable_strict_assignment'] = true;

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