Quickly generate an entry's SEO title, description, and keywords using AI.

Unlike the Assistant field, the SEO field has no display options other than changing the button label and working text (see the screenshot below). The prompt is hard-coded to use the entry's Live Preview output, or the publish page form fields as the context in which to generate SEO meta data from. The SEO field will work with ExpressionEngine custom fields of your choosing, or if you are using the SEO Lite, or SEEO add-ons, it will place the generated title, description, and keywords into the corresponding fields for those add-ons.

The settings for the SEO field are fairly minimal. You can change the button label and working text, as well as which character to use as the meta title. The prompt text (what is sent to OpenAI) to generate the meta data is hard-coded and can not be changed for this field. This field is designed to do 1 thing and 1 thing only.

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