Control Panel

To access Speedy from the control panel, navigate to Developer > Add-On Manager > Speedy.

From here you can:

  • See which drivers are available on your server.

  • Clear the cache for each driver individually, or all drivers for this site only, or for all sites.

  • Configure cache breaking settings for each channel.

Config File Overrides

Speedy offers config.php file overrides for each driver, and will inform you when overrides are in place.

Driver Configuration

If a driver is not supported, or not properly configured, you will be informed what the issue is by clicking it's status. A fully supported and configured driver will be displayed as Available in green.

Static Cache Configuration

If you are using the Static driver, or Redis with static enabled, you may see an additional prompt to complete the configuration. Speedy will create a few files within your /static folder, and if using Redis with static enabled, will create an index_redis_default_site.php file in the root of your site. Once the proper htaccess rules are applied, this file will be loaded for every front-end page request.

If you have changed your Speedy settings, or the /static folder does not have the necessary files to handle static caching, you may see the following error:

Viewing Cached Items

By clicking on the magnifying glass, you can navigate the contents of that driver. Each page lists the items and paths to items cached and gives you the option to delete or view and item and to clear all items at a path, as well as usage statistics.

Note that some cache drivers, such as Static file based caching, will display N/A for Hits, Misses, and Uptime. Static caching is based on flat files, because of that there is no mechanism to save hits or misses to (recording this in a database would defeat the purpose of static caching).

Cache Breaking

By clicking into the Cache Breaking menu, you can configure the settings for each channel individually and for all channels.

Cache Breaking Settings

From the cache breaking settings page, you can configure which items are removed from the cache based on the item key or tags when an entry from that channel is created, updated or deleted.

You can configure the tags to break, specific items to clear and whether these items should be refreshed, and the delay between refreshing each item.

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