What if I purchased DataGrab a long time ago?

If you purchased a license of DataGrab from Devot:ee or brandnewbox.co.uk directly, then we have imported all of those purchases.

If you already had an account on boldminded.com, then those purchases are now attached to that account. If you originally ordered from brandnewbox.co.uk we created a license number for you and attached it to your account (brandnewbox.co.uk purchases did not have license numbers, so we created one when importing them).

If you did not have an account on boldminded.com, now you do. You will need to use the email address you purchased the license with and do a password reset on boldminded.com. Once logged in you should see your previous purchases. If you do not remember the email address you purchased DataGrab with and do not have a license number, then unfortunately you will need to purchase a new license.

Regardless of where you purchased it from, if the original purchase was more than 1 year ago, you will need to upgrade the license, which you can do from your license page.

Can I transfer a license to a different account?

Yes, you can. If you purchased DataGrab from an account you no longer use you can transfer it to a new account on boldminded.com. You will need to login to boldminded.com with the old account/email address using the password reset option above, go to your Licenses page, and from there you can re-assign the license to another account. If you do not have access to the old email address to perform a password reset, you will need to purchase a new license.

Why does DataGrab 4 only work in ExpressionEngine 6?

In order to make advancements on DataGrab, supporting legacy versions is not viable. If you need a version of DataGrab that works in ExpressionEngine 4 or 5, then you should continue using DataGrab version 3.x, then when you upgrade to ExpressionEngine 6 you can switch to DataGrab 4. The upgrade process is seemless.

Is DataGrab 4 is slower than previous versions?

This is not entirely true. ExpressionEngine 3.0 introduced a new underlying Model/ORM system which handles saving all datatypes within ExpressionEngine. The models ensure that all entity types are created and managed consistently, especially with future versions of ExpressionEngine. When a model is called to save an entity type, in DataGrab's case an entry, it also calls sub-routines that trigger other events that ExpressionEngine uses internally, and 3rd party developers can subscribe to. For this reason, it is a little slower than inserting data directly into the database the old way. DataGrab 3 also used the models to save entries. If you used DataGrab in ExpressionEngine 2, then you may notice it was faster, because DataGrab was using the old Entry API, which inherently did direct database SQL writes.

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