Publisher will update all form tags (action and hidden form field parameters) with appropriately prefixed URLs. For example, action="path/to/page" will be updated with action="en/path/to/page" if English is your default value. If you wish to disable this functionality, add data-publisher-ignored="yes" to your form tags. This may be necessary for forms that post to external URLs, such as Campaign Monitor or another newsletter/subscription type service.

For example:

<form action="/submit" data-publisher-ignored="yes"></form>

If an ExpressionEngine template tag lets you add additional html attributes, you can also add an ignore to it as well:

{exp:module:method extra="data-publisher-ignored='yes'"}{/exp:module:method}

If an ExpressionEngine template tag does not provide a way to append additional html attributes, you can also use a css class:

{exp:module:method css_class="publisher-ignored"}{/exp:module:method}

If you are using Freeform from Solspace, and using the language prefix option, you may need to update the return and any other URL based parameter in the Freeform tag to include the language prefix. Publisher is unable to automatically update this value due to how Freeform is processing the parameter values. For example, your return parameter may need to look like this:

{exp:freeform:form form_name="contact" return="{publisher:current_language_code}/template_group/template"}

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