Frontedit Support

When using ExpressionEngine Pro and the Frontedit feature, you will need to add an additional configuration value to your main config.php file: $config['speedy_frontedit_check_url']

Speedy will display an alert similar to what you see below with the provided value of what you should set this configuration value to. If you are using static cache (Redis or File based) you may need to regenerate your utilities files after adding this new value to your config.php file.

Since static cached pages bypass ExpressionEngine entirely it may need to make an Ajax call to this URL to determine how to handle the request. It will also reference the exp_frontedit cookie, which is created by ExpressionEngine, so users who do not have access to the control panel will always get a fully cached page if it is available.

Speedy will not cache a page if it detects any {frontedit_link} tag in your template for the requested page. Meaning, if you are logged in and have permissions to edit a page, Speedy will not cache anything. It will only cache items on pages when Frontedit is not enabled for the current user.

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